25 things I learnt in St. Davids, Wales

I like traveling. I don't like reading or writing travel blogs. From all my adventures I'm going to give you a list of things I've learnt on them. Maybe I'll add in a few witty anecdotes, about how I cried through the thunderstorm or someone wanted to steal a goat.

Here's what I learnt after a night in a sleepy Welsh suburb and four nights camping on a farm.

  1. There's a Bret Easton Ellis line from his debut novel Less Than Zero: "People are afraid to merge". This is true.
  2. Driving on your own is the best way to listen to new music. Plug the aux cable in and put your phone where you can't reach it whilst driving.
  3. Get postcards from everywhere. I probably go overboard with this, but I don't care. At all.
  4. People look at you weird if you wear ripped jeans at a National Trust property. Remember they're the ones with the problem, not you.
  5. Being a girl on your own in ripped jeans paying for things in cash at a National Trust property makes you feel like a runaway in a coming of age film.
  6. People who go to National Trust properties have a real thing for small dogs. Seriously. What's that about?
  7. People will give you more space if you have P plates on.
  8. Alternatively, they will try to overtake you when you're doing the speed limit because they have very fragile egos.
  9. Fresh perspective is always good, especially when it comes to putting up a tent.
  10. Cars are not comfortable places for reading.
  11. Cars are not comfortable places in general, but it's still possible to fall asleep in them.
  12. Make sure you know what they mean by a "small" glass of wine before you pay £2.95 for a thimble of pinot grigio.
  13. Flowers will grow in even the toughest of places: the side of a cliff, the grass between the lanes of a motorway, a Tory constituency. So can you.
  14. Halsey's Badlands is a great album to drive to if it's sunny.
  15. Bright Eyes' I'm Wide Awake It's Morning is a great album to drive to where the views are pretty.
  16. Everything Everything's Get To Heaven is a great album to drive to through suburbs.
  17. The Streets' A Grand Don't Come For Free is a great album to drive to in general.
  18. Lightning is very pretty when it lights up a tent, but it's also incredibly scary. I cried all night.
  19. Befriend people you might never meet again. Even annoying middle class camping neighbours.
  20. Paying for petrol makes you feel like you have your life together.
  21. Research parking before you go anywhere.
  22. The above very much applies to Aberystwyth.
  23. Low gears for going up hills, down hills, tight corners, accelerating.
  24. Navigating by road signs, memory and guesswork is fun, but always have a sat nav ready for when you're totally lost.
  25. Just because a road is classified as an A road doesn't mean you won't get cliff edge single track road with awful visibility. Stay away from Solva and Fishguard if you don't want to avoid huge lorries on the aforementioned.


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