25 highlights of my first uni year

I finished my first year at university nearly two months ago. I ran for the first train out of there and haven't had chance to craft a blog post in the time since. It's been an odd year, half living in Stoke and half living on a train bound out of Stoke.

I don't want to write a tedious post on the ins and outs of the year, so I've crafted a few listicles. Everyone loves those, right?

Please bear in mind when I say "uni", I mean the time between moving in and moving out. A lot didn't actually take place "at uni".

In no particular order, my top 10 favourite moments of uni:

  1. Cartwheel in Edinburgh
    When in Edinburgh, the hotel was big enough for me to do a cartwheel in. It was very odd, especially as I was underground, but I was so far away from everything and spending the weekend on my own, and it was nice.
  2. Postman's Park in London
    For a few years, whenever I went to London I'd been trying to find Postman's Park. On my last trip I finally found it. It was exactly as I expected.
  3. Pizza evenings
    I ate a LOT of Domino's in the last few months of uni and often roped the house into it as well. There was this distict smell of pizza dough, everywhere.
  4. Acousticake
    The lovely Jasmine Hallam organised a gig at the Maypole on two days notice and it was absolutely brilliant. So busy, so many people, and so so lovely. I was a happy Lib.
  5. Charity radio show
    One Media Radio ran a 48 live broadcast in support of Children in Need. It was awesome to host a show with Rory for this.
  6. Owen Jones lectures
    I got invited to a private Masters seminar after a few lectures. It was good to discuss things one on one with him.
  7. Campus cat
    This was a thing. I miss him daily.
  8. Monday evenings
    After a busy and weird weekend I'd run through everything with my housemate, Charley. They'd take the mick out of the whole thing and come up with some brilliant tag line for the weekend. One was "you paid someone £60 to fuck off". They were the best thing about Mondays.
  9. Bonfire Night
    Bonfire Night is essentially politics and fire and I love it. I wanted to do something for it, so on 15 minutes notice Ashley and I headed to Nottingham for it. It was a long and brilliant night.
  10. Fajitas
    The first night of uni I made some seriously weird fajitas and made people laugh. It was nice.

Top 10 times I went full student:

  1. Cocktails in a stewpot
    Self explanatory. I wanted to make mojitos and didn't have a way to make them en mass. The stew pot was the best way to do it. Never before had I drank a mojito out a mug. Oh, and they tasted great.
  2. The abandonment of a sleeping pattern
    Highlights of this include waking up seven minutes before shorthand thanks to a text.
  3. Homemade club
    I wanted to go out but no one else could afford to, so Antonio made a homemade club in the kitchen. Fun fact: I can stand on the kitchen side and not hit the ceiling.
  4. Attacking the freezer
    I took a knife to the freezer to try and defrost it. Charley walked in, questioned me for a second, then declared that they'd seen me do weirder things and walked off.
  5. Pre seminar pint
    Works a charm for debating.
  6. Staying up all night to do a paper
    And getting a first on it, raaaaa.
  7. £3 wine that gave me earache
    All credit goes to Aldi. A few weeks later I found the closest Sainsbury's and switched to £5 wine.
  8. Falling in love with Ben Wyatt
    That was a thing that happened. Adam Scott, light of my life.
  9. Going to a festival, and the best bit being watching your home team get smashed by Wolves
    Self explanatory.
  10. The internet going down
    Everyone freaked out. It was very Purge-esuqe.

The top 5 worst moments of uni:

  1. The leak
    I got back in from... somewhere or another, and found a leak and just assumed the house was falling to bits. It wasn't half that bad but I sufficiently freaked out.
  2. The shower light
    For the first few weeks, the light in the shower went off after a minute or two. It was really freaky, even when you knew it would happen.
  3. Getting stuck in Crewe
    This counts as the third worst moment of my life so far as well. I feared being stuck there overnight the way organisation was going. I've not liked the place ever since.
  4. Every single time the internet went down
    Which was often.
  5. 8am plumbers
    There's really no need.


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