MPs that sound like IKEA products

Anyone friend of mine will tell you I can spot a piece of IKEA furniture a mile off - I famously walked into someone's house and said, "you've got Ektorps". Not having the same knowledge I have, they thought I meant some sort of disease. I meant their sofa.

So I thought it was about time to put my knowledge to good use and I decided to formulate a list of top five MPs surnames that sound like something you'd find in IKEA - and what product they would be.

Position: 5
Full name: Rt. Hon. David Evennett
Constituency: Bexleyheath and Crayford
Nature of product: Rack that holds utensils in a kitchen on a wall
Closest example: GRUNDTAL

Position: 4
Full name: Robert Flello
Constituency: Stoke-on-Trent South
Nature of product: Tea towel
Closest example: VINTER

Position: 3
Full name: Mary Glindon
Constituency: North Tyneside
Nature of product: Office chair, but one with arms and that spins without creaking
Closest example: VOLMAR

Position: 2
Full name: Natascha Engel
Constituency: North East Derbyshire
Nature of product: Floor standing lamp
Closest example: REGOLIT

Position: 1
Full name: Andrew Rosindell
Constituency: Romford, Greater London
Nature of product: A bedding item: duvet cover, possibly part of a matching set which includes curtains.
Closest example: MALIN RUND


  1. If only Lembit Opik was still in parliament. Now what would he be...?

  2. Or what about Rob Flello's new Stoke North colleague, Ruth Smeeth? (I've met them both actually and Ruth in particular impresses me).


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