8 things I learnt in Glasgow

At the end of my two and a half weeks volunteering in Edinburgh, I had a free day. In typical Libby style, I decided to head to Glasgow for the day. Here's what I learnt.

  1. Wasps are fucking scary.
    Yeah, I already knew this. But as I sat down in a cocktail bar, on my own, to begin writing this list of things I'd learnt, a wasp took it upon itself to pester me. My usual reaction is just sit tight and wait for it to disappear, but it didn't. I was in a great position, with a plug socket for my dying phone and free WiFi, so I refused to move. However, on reflection, I did look like a massive twat sat on my own and freaking out whenever the wasp came near me. At one point it made me jump so badly I sneezed so loudly I think I actually cleared my week-old cold.
    I felt very Bridget Jones-y.
  2. Ask for friends' recommendations.
    I usually head to cities and just wander or use Trip Advisor to find nice places, but this time I asked a friend who was a local. He pointed me in the direction of the cutest cocktail bar street in the world which I wouldn't have found otherwise. V happy Lib.
  3. Cross references recommendations with Trip Advisor.
    I'm a really big fan of Trip Advisor (I guess I trust the general public's consensus on where to eat if nothing else).
  4. If your friend's recommendations match Trip Advisors' and your own, you've got a solid friend.
  5. Always ask!
    I put this in my previous blog post but it's worth mentioning again.
    I walked into a bar and they didn't do my favourite cocktail, I asked and they made it for me. Heroes.
  6. Do not look at a map, ignore the scale, and think "I can walk that far".
    Remember what happened on How I Met Your Mother! You cannot walk that far!! Don't be an idiot, check the walking time on Google Maps or your destination will have shut by the time you get there.
  7. Always explore.
    'Nuff said.
  8. Turn your phone off every so often and use a map.
    It means you start seeing all the sights and not just the ones the internet recommends.


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