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6 things I learnt in Skegness

In my continuing bid to abandon all aspects of real life and absorb and enhance my inner Jack Kerouac, last Wednesday evening I headed to Skegness for no reason at all. After coming back and checking Facebook I realised almost half of Derby had the same thought pattern at some point this week.

I can't sleep in a Corsa.
Alas, I do not mean "one" cannot sleep in a Corsa, because my traveling companion got a solid three hours sleep as well as napping half the journey home. I mean I can't, mainly because it's a stupid place to sleep. This is because it's a Corsa. The seats recline to almost horizontal, but the point remains. It's still a Corsa. And I will sleep anywhere, including standing up in a club. But I cannot sleep in a Corsa. Because it's a shit idea.Two pence arcade machines remain the greatest invention since sliced bread.
Perhaps they even top sliced bread. We all know it's just the tiny dopamine rush that makes them so good - it's the sam…