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Eurovision's corruption doesn't matter

Remember when America stumbled across the concept of a "cheeky Nando's", and they wanted the English to explain it? I saw my friend tweet that it was an "abstract concept". He was jesting, but in a sense it is, and in a sense the fact that people in the UK understand the concept of a "cheeky Nando's" but people in America didn't - well, to me, that say more about British culture than any amount of fish and chips, the monarchy, and tea: the things that allegedly sum up "British culture".

To me, the same applies for Eurovision.

Theoretically, Eurovision should be a singing contest, but anyone from Europe will tell you it isn't. The best song probably doesn't win. The best song charts around Europe the following Sunday (well, Friday, now), but all sorts of different factors affect who wins Eurovision.

I've previously said that I don't feel an overwhelming sense of pride in Britain, whilst I do in Europe, but this year…

Big Sixes and Club Omega

As people keep saying: Big Sixes are over, but Club Omega is forever.

A few weeks ago the "contemporary post emo jazz" (indie rock to you and me) band Big Sixes called it a day. The music industry seems to be in a current crisis of excellent bands calling it a day, but these guys were something special. It seemed only right to share a few memories.

These were the guys who performed a show on a boat in the Thames, the guys who called their shows Club Omega, who made a zine, and a T-shirt with Madonna falling over on - and another with Justin Bieber on. They were more likely to steal the interview and/or camera than to participate nicely. In fact, they did here.

Big Sixes made art and bought together a community of people who loved art like they did. It's fair to say everyone in "Club Omega" was chuffed when they were signed to a label, but the guys were always a little more than just an outfit who made music. They were the most brilliant collection of artists, a…