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50 things I've learnt in 4 weeks of university

If you've ever read any blog post or opinion piece about starting university, you'll probably have heard the following written and regurgitated a million times over; but as they say, the cliches are all true. So, in no particular order (well, actually, the very particular order in which I thought of them), here's what I've learnt at uni so far.
Some people you're only friends with because you see them five days a week. Anyone still worthy of a daily message or occasional call once you're getting a workload is one to keep a hold on to.You will benefit from being on the front row in classes. Sorry.Keep on top of the work or feel the wrath.If you're told to get a book, don't......Unless your lecturer is very insistent on the matter.Always carry your ID with you. I know you think you're going to the library, but I assure you, you're going to the pub.For god's sake don't leave your ID in another city.I know you'd rather spend that £2.80 on…