31 songs: part 2

Following me finishing Mentioned a week ago (and what a relaxing week it's been for it), I started building a list of my all time, desert island, favourite 31 songs. You can read the first ten here, and below is the next bunch.
  1. Fatherson - James
    A lot of musicians fill my Instagram feed, and in the spirit of "support your scene", they share a lot of music they like. As I'd heard the name a few times, when I saw Fatherson's I Am An Island posted on there, I gave it a listen in a late study session after college a few years back. I fell in love with one track off the record, Cat Stevens, and when I listened back to the album in full a year or so ago, I loved the whole thing, but the line, "so go home, sober up, take a weight off your feet and just chill", caught me. In the first weeks of uni I wrote it out with a thick marker pen on some cardboard and stuck it up.
  2. The Front Bottoms - Cough It Out
    Someone posted the internet famous line, "with tears in my eyes, I begged you to stay / You said "hey man I love you, but no fucking way", on Twitter, and the rest is history. Sometimes I forget how much I love The Front Bottoms, and though Cough It Out annoyed me to start with. I soon fell in love. Brian Sella inspires a lot of my style of writing.
  3. james - Moving On
    No, I've never listened to Sit Down or Laid, or any of james' old music. This album was the first I got sent a hard copy of so it's important to me in that sense, but also because I was moved to tears by the video for this. It's wonderful.
  4. Kishi Bashi - Q&A
    If we're counting, this is the second album I received a hard copy of. I loved the whole album, but this song stuck out for me. It's like a perfectly formed diamond. Whatever.
  5. Lydia - Holidays
     is one of few perfect albums. It's probably my favourite album ever. I saw Lydia supporting The Maine a few years back, along with Nick Santino (former frontman of A Rocket To The Moon, who I loved back in t' day). I got to interview Lydia, but it was before I got into them, which sucked. Back To Bed and The Exit are also brilliant tracks off this album.
  6. Rob Lynch - True Romance
    The rest of these songs have long, wonderful explanations. This one I just sort of fell in love with. Taken off a bloody perfect album as well, might I add.
  7. Mystery Jets - Two Doors Down
    Favourite song ever I don't care what anyone says. I first heard this the summer it came out, down at Whitesands in Wales and it was the most wonderful, sunny, perfect time of everything ever. No matter how much I listen to this song or how old it gets, it still reminds me of then.
  8. The National - I Need My Girl
    The saddest song ever written? Perhaps. When I first listened to this I really didn't get it. I left it a few months, listened to the whole album, and was hooked. I once listened to this about 30 times and wrote a song straight after. It's a sad song.
  9. Neutral Milk Hotel - In The Aeroplane Over The Sea
    Another song that a music friend of mine got me into. This one was an instant hit, I fell in love with the album but the title track got me. It makes me wanna spin around down a street in a wide dress, but in a sad way.
  10. No Doubt - Bathwater
    Again, there were a lot of songs on this list and I was torn between putting this or Texas' Heaven's Ocean. A lot of sonsg from when I was wee mean a lot to me, but I always liked this one. No idea why. It's so weird.
Final bunch on Thursday.


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