31 songs: part 3

The end is nigh (at last). Part three of three of my 31 desert island songs list. Normal blog posts shall soon resume.
  1. Postal Service - District Sleeps Alone Tonight
    Last December I got into loads of new music. Postal Service was one of the best I found, they're fantastic.
  2. Public Service Broadcasting - The Other Side
    Another band I got into last year, during my Mercury Prize love phase. I found this in a list of artists that should have been nominated but weren't. The whole album, Race For Space, is brilliant, but this is particularly special. It's bizarrely motivational.
  3. Relient K - Must've Done Something Right
    I saw the lyrics to this song on Tumblr. Googled the lyrics, loved them so much I got hooked on the song. I have a blog named after a line. They're so cute.
  4. Damien Rice - The Blower's Daughter
    My favourite film (if you hadn't guessed) is Closer, and this is the song through the titles. This track got me into Damien's music, it's sorta wonderful.
  5. Andy Shauf - I'm Not Falling Asleep
    This track's off my favourite album of 2015, The Bearer Of Bad News, and this song is somewhat hypnotic. Yes, it did influecen that song I wrote. A bit.
  6. The Streets - Fit But You Know It
    This song is fantastic I don't care what anyone says it's the ultimate song of Britishness it's amazing.
  7. ticktock - A-A-A-
    ticktock got me into European electronica and this was the first song of his I heard. Again, hypnotic, and it reminds me of summer so I love it for lots of reasons.
  8. Frank Turner - Cleopatra In Brooklyn
    Safe to say ti was a bit difficult for me to choose one of Franky T's song for this. I Am Disappeared has been my favourite song for about a year, but when the Mittens EP came out, this began an instant hit for me. I once listened to this about a million times and then dance down the underpass in Derby. No shame.
  9. Twin Atlantic - Serious Underground Dance Vibes
    Again, I love this band and most of the song they come out with, but this is a consistent favourite. Or Actions That Echo. That's also good. 
  10. Wolf Colony - Beauty
    New York electronica artist, wonderful voice and general music vibes. He remains anonymous. It's cool. This album, Unmasked, is great.
  11. The Wombats - Let's Dance To Joy Division
    Second favourite song of all time. Not sure why, I loved it when I was younger and somehow I still do.
And, that's it. Normal posts shall resume on Monday!


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