Not another blog post reflecting on the year

Oh, God. I know.

2015 is over and it's time for me to once again remind you that if you want to put up, "new year, new me!" statuses (though I have never ever seen one), you can, even if you give up after two months/weeks/days/hours, because at least you tried. I'd rather have the will power to stick at something for two weeks than be so determined I couldn't even do that, I didn't try.

But that's coming from someone who actually makes herself New Year's resolutions (ew!) and (even worse) sticks to some of them (gross!).

I only ever stick to about half my resolutions, but it's better than none - correct me if I'm wrong - and this year I stuck to 25/48.

Now allow me to egotistically reflect of what a bloody crackin' year 2015 has been, if you will.

I turned 18; learnt to drive; finished college; got into my first choice uni; was a part of Radio 4's book club; was on Question Time; started hosting my own live radio show at uni; started writing songs; recorded demos for an EP; played a gig; put on several gigs; went hot air ballooning; got recognised in Parliament; became vegetarian; starting making my own art; got significantly more involved in left-wing politics and social activism; became a hardened train user after a certain night involving Crewe; met Frank Turner; shared a bottle of wine and had a good ol' chat with Mark Ellen; went to and covered my first three day festival; actually, I did that twice; wrote another novel; and, last but not least, saw the stars for the first time in my life (that I can remember).

No year is without its low points of course, but to look back on 2015 and pick just those out would seem a little, well, not pessimistic, but, y'know. Pessimistic.

So, I don't know about you, dear reader, but I, for one, am heading into 2016 powered by sheer determination (okay, and heavily urged on by sambucca and mojitos).

And I'll blog more! I know, I'll make it a New Year's resolution - then there's a 50/50 chance I'll do it.

NB - I always used to see the dress as blue and black, now I'm seeing it as white and gold. Anyone any idea what's cracking off yet?


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