50 things I've learnt in 4 weeks of university

If you've ever read any blog post or opinion piece about starting university, you'll probably have heard the following written and regurgitated a million times over; but as they say, the cliches are all true. So, in no particular order (well, actually, the very particular order in which I thought of them), here's what I've learnt at uni so far.
  1. Some people you're only friends with because you see them five days a week. Anyone still worthy of a daily message or occasional call once you're getting a workload is one to keep a hold on to.
  2. You will benefit from being on the front row in classes. Sorry.
  3. Keep on top of the work or feel the wrath.
  4. If you're told to get a book, don't...
  5. ...Unless your lecturer is very insistent on the matter.
  6. Always carry your ID with you. I know you think you're going to the library, but I assure you, you're going to the pub.
  7. For god's sake don't leave your ID in another city.
  8. I know you'd rather spend that £2.80 on a pint, but spend a few pennies on making your house a home.
  9. Have a house/flat group chat.
  10. Ask every question under the sun; to lecturers, to friends, to the cleaner who'll know where the vacuum bags are when you don't.
  11. Do your bloody bit.
  12. Milk, once a refreshment of childhood days and sweet innocence, will now become a catalyst for fury.
  13. Someone washing your pots for you will be the greatest gift and most wonderful blessing the earth has ever offered you.
  14. You can wake up fifteen minutes before your lecture and still get there on time.
  15. You can't join every society; you can't afford it. Have a proper think first.
  16. That "turn your radiator up and dry your clothes in your room" trick leaves your room as a sauna for three days.
  17. Budgeting is helpful.
  18. Best before dates are a loose guideline.
  19. The phrase, "it's not that out of date", will flash through your mind at least once a week.
  20. You'll drink your tea even if it's cold, because that milk cost a lot.
  21. Cereal bars serve as breakfast.
  22. You'll drink alcohol that tastes dire because you can't afford the nice stuff.
  23. "I'll buy this round", means, "I'll tell you how much you owe me tomorrow".
  24. "Let's just go out for a pint or two", does not mean, "let's just go out for a pint or two".
  25. Never stop screaming.
  26. You'll find nutters (who will late become your friends). Avoid them (if you need sleep).
  27. You can't afford Dominos even if it's on offer.
  28. Everyone will have a cooking disaster.
  29. "But, money", is a common phrase.
  30. Smart Price etc tastes exactly the same.
  31. You'll have all the time in the world.
  32. And not enough time to do anything.
  33. So you'll spend a lot of time in bed.
  34. Do not get on a train if you are drunk or hungover.
  35. Always be prepared, no one knows where you'll end up.
  36. Befriend everyone.
  37. "Pool and a pint?" is always a good option.
  38. Your house will either be empty, or filled with random people.
  39. Don't lose your keys.
  40. Don't lose your keys and find them in your pocket.
  41. Go everywhere with a can of cider in your hand and you'll have a good time.
  42. Buying in bulk saves you money.
  43. You'll hate the fact that your parents never taught you useful things about hand washing and such.
  44. Don't iron.
  45. Don't trust the delivery man.
  46. If in doubt, get it delivered to your home address.
  47. The library will baffle you.
  48. You'll miss home comforts, like 85p shots on a Sunday.
  49. Everyone will learn your weird habits.
  50. You're going to have the most daunting and best time of your life.


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