I don't care what you did on your Freshers' week

I've started uni a week or so before most people, it would seem, and this is a post partly aimed at people who have seen a million posts about Freshers and can't wait to start, or are alternatively dreading it, whether they're starting this year or haven't even applied for uni yet.
First things first, Freshers isn't just about partying so much you throw up on your shoes/bed/doorstep/friend, can't remember a single thing and think the brightest idea in the world is having a glass of water by your bed constantly. Similarly, Freshers week isn't about staying in and trying to live as close to how you did at home as possible. Freshers week is about what you want it to be about, whether that be meeting new people over quiet BOGOF burgers on a Monday or splits on a club floor or a Wednesday, or trying to decide if you're on the right course and organising a million meetings to make an informed choice, or making new lifestyle choices, or budgeting so you can save every penny. Of all those listed, I stand accused.

I came here off a summer of five day benders and general stupid piss ups with friends that I hope will remain a part of my life when I go back to Derby (though I'm not sure I'll ever be totally sold on the concept of Mosh Mondays, but there you go). This idea that you need to drink every night or go to every single event is both idiotic and expensive. Stop telling me I'm "not a proper student" because I can, I don't know, wake up in the morning.

I got here and met my housemates and it wasn't too long before we realised I was the stay-out-till-3am-or-longer-if-possible person. Maybe they expected me to do that every night, but I haven't. In fact, the most fun I've had so far this week was yesterday; yes, partying till the early hours but also getting lost and finding a canal with my friend whilst I carried a ten pack of Strongbow for an hour. And this morning I woke up with the same Jager-bomb fueled self loathing that, "one more drink, I'll buy you a bomb to keep you awake", so often entails. Just this time I didn't have to feel guilty about lounging in my bed.

I've read the news every morning and spent more time doing admin than drinking. I've met some incredible, hilarious, ridiculous people, and I couldn't have asked for a better start to uni. There's a Frank Turner song called I Don't Care What You Did On Your Gap Year, and I can safely say I don't care what anyone does on their Freshers week. I don't care about how you got "soooo drunk", with optional spelling mistakes if you wish, for authenticity, and I don't care how many times you got into bed at five am. You might only get "one shot" at Freshers, but you've got all year to be a Fresher, and three years to keep up the stupendous drinking. You can wear a police cone another week, and you can stop making people feel like they're doing something wrong right now.


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